How to Furnish Your Home on a Budget

2 x 2 seater couch 001 Begin a room at a time, make a plan and set your budget realistically. Build your dream list then work backwards to what you can really afford.  Get inspiration from new furniture stores and magazines.  Decide on the main pieces for the room and purchase them first to set up a structure.  Spend a little more on the central pieces to uplift the overall quality of the room.  Set a goal of how long to achieve purchasing your home furnishings and have fun searching in garage sales or online secondhand or clearance stores   Build a relationship with your favourite clearance store and every now and again phone them or go into the store to search for what you require. The Clearance House furniture store in Canberra supply clearance home furniture and some ex-hire in quality brands.  You can have your place looking like the neighbours  but at half or a third of the price. Enjoy your new place and know that you put the effort in and achieved it.