Change the Design of Your Room


Think about the functionality and purpose of your room.  Use your intuition or get ideas and reflect on what worked previously and what didn’t and how you would like to move forward with what you would like to bring into your life eg make the room more social or quieter.  Inspiration can come from many places such as magazines, shops or others homes or just by sitting in the space and using your imagination.  Design the space for the goals of your room.  Ask yourself questions such as “ do I want the room to be  a comfortable place where people can socialise or am I wanting a private space where people can read and listen to music?” Decide your main goals and micro goals for the room.


Then do a layout of your room on paper, measure the main furniture pieces and wall-space., consider where the power points are.  Draw the furniture out on paper and move the furniture pieces around to fit the dimensions of the room like a jigsaw and see how everything fits into the space.  Next get rid of the pieces of furniture or clutter that does not contribute to the objective of the room.  Now place all the main furniture pieces  into the room to create the structure you have decided on.


Finally detail the room using  colours tones  from the same palette. The colours can also be used in conjunction with colour therapy eg yellow bright and happy and purple for love.  Use brighter colours for accents and to bring the room together.  Use Home-wares and Wall-art to add focus points.  Create atmosphere with open window coverings and lights and place lamps in strategic positions to get the look required.  Now a touch of fragrance can also add to the final impact of the room such as lavender for calming or orange for lively.