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Whats new in bedding

The Clearance House – shop today and save on quality bedroom furniture offering cheaper prices than mainstream stores. There are bed Suites and One off Beds on the floor in all Sizes.  We always stock mattresses made in Australia all with guarantees.

How to Declutter Your Home

boxes_w150x136 When you are moving house is always a good time to de-clutter however, it can be done any time of year.  In fact is should be done once every year to discard those items  and aspects of your life that you  don’t see yourself going forward with.  If you wait Three to Five years then there will be a lot more work to be done.  Once you start de-cluttering you will feel your space and life freeing up and everything will feel so much fresher.  The longer time between de-clutters the more work is to be done.

Here are some tips for de-cluttering  Put things in piles such as what you don’t want and what you do want and write down your categories. Categories can include the ”don’t want pile” such as items you could give away to someone, a charity or throw. Give yourself time to make a decision if necessary by re-visiting your piles and see what feelings and memories come up which you may need to confront.  Some items you may rediscover could be included in your life again by simply placing them in a location where they can be accessed. If you are not sure if you want to keep those items then ask yourself why you are not using them, make time to use them and discover if you want to keep the item or not. Once you start de-cluttering and feel the difference in your life you will be inspired to keep going. Take it slow and honour your memories.  Rekindle and learn from what happened in the past and let it go, digitise or recycle and surround yourself with things you use.

Affirmations for De-cluttering – I say good bye to things that block my spiritual growth, I realise what I loved by letting go, I realise what I had and that makes me appreciate more, I no longer hang onto destructive memories, I will not regret letting go of this item for it’s making room for the future.

Approaches to De-cluttering – If you haven’t used it in years and it is not part of your life any more then get rid of it. If you can see another use for it bring it out of the cupboard and use it in your life. If its hard to get rid of then leave a while and go back to the item at another time with a fresh approach.  Select only a few sentimental items to keep in your life. No need to regret you are making way for a new future. Keep putting items in the boot of your car until you are ready to give it away, play some music and focus on the task.

Checklist Questions – Why am I not using the item, will I really be upset if these items are no longer in my life, what would I grab if I had only a few minutes, is it functional or beautiful, can I find a place for it in my current  life for now, If I displayed the item would I be embarrassed if  so, then why am I keeping it, If I am holding onto anger, resentment or other negative feelings through these items then it is time to let them go, if the object is from a member of the family who has long passed and I am not using the item then share it with others.

Once you have de-cluttered You will feel good about all your hard work, you will  enjoy your new spaces and feel spiritually uplifted.

How to Furnish Your Home on a Budget

2 x 2 seater couch 001 Begin a room at a time, make a plan and set your budget realistically. Build your dream list then work backwards to what you can really afford.  Get inspiration from new furniture stores and magazines.  Decide on the main pieces for the room and purchase them first to set up a structure.  Spend a little more on the central pieces to uplift the overall quality of the room.  Set a goal of how long to achieve purchasing your home furnishings and have fun searching in garage sales or online secondhand or clearance stores   Build a relationship with your favourite clearance store and every now and again phone them or go into the store to search for what you require. The Clearance House furniture store in Canberra supply clearance home furniture and some ex-hire in quality brands.  You can have your place looking like the neighbours  but at half or a third of the price. Enjoy your new place and know that you put the effort in and achieved it.

Change the Design of Your Room


Think about the functionality and purpose of your room.  Use your intuition or get ideas and reflect on what worked previously and what didn’t and how you would like to move forward with what you would like to bring into your life eg make the room more social or quieter.  Inspiration can come from many places such as magazines, shops or others homes or just by sitting in the space and using your imagination.  Design the space for the goals of your room.  Ask yourself questions such as “ do I want the room to be  a comfortable place where people can socialise or am I wanting a private space where people can read and listen to music?” Decide your main goals and micro goals for the room.


Then do a layout of your room on paper, measure the main furniture pieces and wall-space., consider where the power points are.  Draw the furniture out on paper and move the furniture pieces around to fit the dimensions of the room like a jigsaw and see how everything fits into the space.  Next get rid of the pieces of furniture or clutter that does not contribute to the objective of the room.  Now place all the main furniture pieces  into the room to create the structure you have decided on.


Finally detail the room using  colours tones  from the same palette. The colours can also be used in conjunction with colour therapy eg yellow bright and happy and purple for love.  Use brighter colours for accents and to bring the room together.  Use Home-wares and Wall-art to add focus points.  Create atmosphere with open window coverings and lights and place lamps in strategic positions to get the look required.  Now a touch of fragrance can also add to the final impact of the room such as lavender for calming or orange for lively.

How to Choose Quality Furniture


Quality furniture just looks great.  It is all the finer details of the product which makes the difference.  It’s all about quality workmanship with structural integrity with  strong sturdy frames  and fine stitching  which make the products last.  Companies that create quality furniture create long term relationships with their customers and generations of families renew their commitment to the brand by purchasing the same again.


IMG are a perfect example of quality furniture as their Recliners are engineered for ergonomic support. They provide custom  configured  Recliners  for different leg or arm length and each Recliner contours to the individual shape of the body such as the knees, neck, back and lumber area for  superior comfort.. The leather for the Recliners is selected from the best tanneries in the world and lasts four times longer than fabric.  However Recliners are available in fabric that is strong and durable.


LaZboy is another brand that is renowned for quality with a reputation that has developed since LaZboy first began in 1927.  The Recliners are a combination of quality construction with all La-Z-Boy mechanisms designed and tested to operate a minimum of 100,000 times over the life of the recliner.  The Recliners feature Independent Reclining Action allowing the chair to recline without raising the footrest.  There is adjustable Reclining Tension for all shapes and sizes with  2 wing nuts on the bottom of the chair that can easily be adjusted to modify the backrest tension. This allows you to increase or decrease the amount of effort it takes to recline the back of the chair, providing customised comfort.


The footrest does not sag when used supporting the legs at all times and the footrest can be adjusted to 18 different angles.  The Recliners are made with long lasting polyurethane foam.  The lower back and tailbone is supported in any recliner position.  The frame of the Recliners is Four Sided frame providing maximum strength and rigidity. All LaZboy Recliner parts can easily be replaced and installed without having to replace the entire mechanism. The footrest parts are made from solid steel drive shafts allowing the shafts to twist or fail after thousands of cycles of opening and closing.  The Recliner frame is made of solid timber which are precision cut and fit together with interlocking joints. The LaZboy Recliners also carry a lifetime warranty on the mechanism, a Ten year warranty on the frame and a Three year warranty on leather. The price may be initially higher on quality brands but they will last a lifetime and look aesthetically pleasing to the eye.